Living a conscious lifestyle allows you to replace stress, anxiety and confusion
with inner peace, connection and contentment

As part of living a Conscious Life, each of us has to take responsibility for what we put into our bodies, our minds, our hearts and our souls. We help you be more mindful of the food you consume as it inevitability effects the health and wellness of your body. This includes making lifestyle changes that eliminate toxic chemicals and encourage more natural and holistic options for you, your family and your home. 

Our goal is for freedom, peace of mind and success 
to flow into every aspect of your life

Each day you are presented with a multitude of options of what you can hear, watch and read on various media platforms. We believe that what you introduce into your consciousness through the media, impacts your thoughts, beliefs and actions. We support you to make an inventory of the challenging effects of the media influences in your life and help you to make choices that leads to inner peace, positivity and empowerment.

This ultimately comes down to a choice between kindness or violence.

When it come to the matters of the heart it is important to be aware of how kind, loving and compassionate you are to yourself and too others. We encourage self-love which includes taking accountability for your life choices and moving forward with greater awareness. We support you to discover how to deeply connect with those in your life with less judgment and greater acceptance. This includes the quality of your thoughts, words and actions when dealing with them. We also offer insight into the karmic implications of the relationships you have cultivated in your life.

We help you to cultivate and sustain a fulfilling meditation practice 
which contributes to​ you having more conscious, loving relationships.

Living consciously is not something you do occasionally, it is a new way of thinking, living and being. It is an art, a lifestyle and a powerful way to live. Staying connected to your soul and living life consciously allows you to become less reactive and more conscious; less stressful and more mindful; less self-critical and more self-aware. We have found that a consistent meditation practice is the doorway to your authentic self and a life of meaning and purpose. In our coaching practice, we guide you to live a life of ease.

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Living Consciously

Conscious Life Coaching

Conscious Life Coaching
“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself'  ~Rumi